URL Parser

URL Parser breaks down a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a web page into its components and displays them clearly and in decoded form.

Website URL:

Notes on URL parameters

Since the parameter names are not subject to any standards, they can be freely chosen by site owners. For example, the "q" parameter is used by Google for the entered search term, but this parameter can have a completely different meaning on another website. The parameters are usually not designed for good readability by the user, as they only need to be understood and processed by the website.

However, the parameter names sometimes allow conclusions to be drawn about their use or the meaning of their value. For example, "page=12" will probably refer to page 12 of a document, "sort=asc" or "order=desc" to the sorting of records, "lang=de" to a language, and "affiliateid=123456789" to the ID of an advertising partner.

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