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Regula - Anti-Spam Plugin for The Bat!

The Regula plug-in is a rule based anti-spam plug-in for The Bat!. Perl 5 compatible regular expressions are supported as well as Bayes filtering, DNSB/URLBL checks and black and white lists.

Featues of Regula:
  • Regula contains a self learning Bayes filter.
  • URLBLs and DNSBLs will be supported.
  • Black and white lists enables you to filter for e-mail addresses.
  • Regula can read addresses from The Bat! address books to whitelist these addresses.
  • Support for Pearl compliant regular expressions in filter rules.
  • Over 75 different header and message parts in various formats for filtering.
  • Over 25 internal rules, checked by the plug-in itself. This avoid complicated regular expressions.
Many features, contained in the Regula plug-in, are also included in the portable Anti-Spam application "Phalanx". This application supports The Bat! and other e-mail clients too.


Development and support has ended
500 KB
Manual included, portable
Windows 2000/XP
The Bat! version 1.63 Beta 7 or above
D-PCRE library "dpcre.dll"


Additional Downloads

Language pack
Contains all languages not included in the application download package.

Regula-Manager 2.2.3 (RAR, 212 KB)
This application contains a log viewer, a hit statistic and statistics for DNSBL and URLBL queries.

Example rule sets (RAR, 15 KB)
In these rule sets are many sample rules included, that can be modified for the own use.


  • German
  • English

Languages (in language pack)

  • French
  • Dutch
  • Polish v2.2.6 - Manual v2.2.6
  • Russian v2.2.7
  • Slovak v2.2.7
  • Hungarian v2.2.7


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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