Multiple File Finder X-Tension für X-Ways Forensics

Multiple File Finder can search for filenames and/or path names and add the matching files to a specific report table.

Additionally, files can be exported and automatically renamed in different ways. An user defined text can be added to the comment field of a file or the comment field can be replaced with a text.

After finishing the search, external applications can be run to take over the further analysis of the exported files.

This X-Tension can be used in the dialog "Refine Volume Snapshot" and via the directory browser context menu.

Multiple File Finder supports regular expressions in search terms. All available options and possibilitys are described in detail.


Size:797 KB
Languages:English (user interface and documentation), German (documentation only)
Setup:No setup
Required:X-Ways Forensics 64-Bit v19.0 or newer




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