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PHP Guestbook

This PHP guestbook stores the postings in a simple plain text file. So a MySQL database is not needed. By modifying the CSS file you can easely change the style of the guestbook.

Smilies and emoticons can be insterted into the message. Additionally the message text can be formatted with BBCode.

The integrated administration area allows you to delete and edit postings. The webmaster can be notified per e-mail, if a new posting is added to the guestbook. By configuring the script, it is possible to approve postings before they are displayed in the public guestbook.

A detailed documentation is included in the download (German only).


83 KB
PHP 4.0.4 or higher
Activated GD library on the PHP server
(for captcha image in the pro version)

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  • German
  • English
  • Italian v3.0
  • Japanese v3.1
  • Dutch v3.0
  • Slovak v3.0
  • Spanish v3.1


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Professional Version

Some features of this script are available in the professional version only. A professional license is offered to selected translators and other persons that supported this script. If you have questions about the professional license please feel free to contact me per e-mail.

Features of the professional version:
  • Avoiding spam by a Captcha image or a simple mathematic calculation.
  • The reCAPTURE technology is supported.
  • Postings with user defined words can't be posted. The word filter can be configured as regular expressions.
  • The administrator or site owner can be notified per e-mail if a new post is added to the guestbook.
  • Guestbook entries can be reviewed by an administrator before they appears in the public guestbook.
  • Guestbook entries can be edited by an administrator before and after they appears in the public guestbook.


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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