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PHP FileList

This PHP script displays a listing with the content of a folder and its subfolders. Each file can be viewed or downloaded.

Additionally to the filename, the file size and the last modification date/time is schown. The file list can be sorted by the filename, the file size and the modification time.

For each file a description can be shown. The description can defined with a regular expression, so you can define descriptions for a group of files, e.g. files with a specific extension.


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PHP 4.0.4 or higher

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  • German
  • English
  • Greek v2.0


Beta Area

Professional Version

Some features of this script are available in the professional version only. A professional license is offered to selected translators and other persons that supported this script. If you have questions about the professional license please feel free to contact me per e-mail.

Features of the professional version:
  • A navigation bar with links to the parent folders can be shown.
  • Files can be downloaded indirectly to avoid the visibility of the full path.
  • Files and folders can be hidden with regular expressions.
  • Access rights can be defined for files and folders. Placeholders and regular expressions will be supported. So you can assign user-defined rights from an database.


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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