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PHP Scripts




These PHP scripts you can easily integrated in your website.

This PHP script displays a listing with the content of a folder and its subfolders. Each file can be viewed or downloaded.
RSS Reader
The "RSS Reader" PHP script reads news feeds from XML files (RSS, RDF, Atom and SMF feeds) and displays the formatted feed items on a website.
Search Engine
This PHP search engine searches local files on the server for a search term and shows the results like Google. The search engine doesn't index the pages and doesn't need a database. So the results are allways actual.


These scripts enables you or your visitors to communicate with you or other visitors of your page.

This PHP guestbook stores the postings in a simple plain text file. So a MySQL database is not needed. By modifying the CSS file you can easely change the style of the guestbook. The text can be formatted with BBCode.
Contact Form
This PHP script allows your visitors to send you a message directly from your website.
This PHP script enables you to use a poll on your own website.
This PHP script allows your visitors to send a recommentation to a friend or collegue.


Calendars for your homepage.

Annual Calendar
This PHP script displays a annual calendar and highlights the current day.
Monthly Calendar
This PHP script displays a monthly calendar and highlights the current day.


These PHP scripts are examples only.

With this PHP form mailer you can sent e-mails directly from your website to any recipient you want.
Nameserver Lookup
This PHP script determines the IP address to a domain name and vice versa.
This PHP script displays the whois information from a given domain.

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