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Network & E-Mail

Network and e-mail tools.

E-Mail Header Analyzer
With this online tool you can analyze e-mail header lines. The Received lines will be printed separately and clearly.
Geo IP Locator
The Geo IP Locator online tool shows the geographic location of an IP address and displays it on a map.
Nameserver Lookup
This online tool determine the IP address to an domain name and vice versa. If available, the alias IP addresses will be displayed too. Additionally, the DNS records of a domain can be determined.
TLD Info
This online tool displays informations for geographic and thematic Top-Level domains such as the country or the meaning of the TLD.
Webserver Spy
This online tools shows the header sent by a HTTP server.
This online tool displays the whois information from a given domain, as well as network information.

Security & Information

Security relevant online tools and information tools.

Browser Spy
This online tools shows server-side and client-side information for your browser.
CHMOD - User Rights
With this online tool you can create the user rights value for UNIX (CHMOD) and FTP clients.
Hash Calculator
This online tool calculates the CRC-32, MD-5 and SHA-1 hash values for a given text.
.htpasswd Crypt
The .htpasswd Crypt online tool creates UNIX/PHP compatible passwords for use in .htpasswd files.
Mail Address Converter
This online tool converts e-mail addresses in a format, readable by humans, but not so easy to detect for robots.
Password Check
With this online tool you can check the security of a password.
Password Generator
With this online tool you can create secure, easy to read and remember passwords, as well as WEP and WPA2 keys.
Proxy Test
Find out how anonymous you really are on the Internet.

Webmaster & Developer

Online generators and converters for webmaster and developer.

HTML Encoder
The HTML Encoder online tool encodes a HTML source code in a form which is difficult to read by humans.
HTML to JavaScript Converter
This online tool formats a HTML code for the output through JavaScript. To convert a HTML code correctly, you have to use single or double quotes in HTML code.
JavaScript Encryptor
With this online tool you can encrypt your JavaScripts. The encrypted JavaScript will be still executabel.
Mail Link Generator
his online tool creates HTML source code for e-mail links.
PHP Obfuscator
This online tool obfuscates the source code of a PHP script so that it is difficult to read by people and it's significance may be recognized only with difficulty.
PopUp Window Generator
The PupUp Window Generator creates a JavaScript based popup window for your website.
Scrollbar Style Generator
The Scrollbar Style Generator online tool creates the CSS code to colorize the scrollbars of the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

SEO & Optimization

SEO tools and online tools to optimize your websites.

Loading Time Check
This online tool checks the loading time of yor website with various connection types.
Metatag Generator
With this online tool you can create meta-tags for your website fast and easy.
Robot View
With this online tool you can optimize your website for search engine robots.
Seach Engine Optimization
With this online tool you are able to optimize your website for search engines. This gives your site a better ranking and the page will be easier to find.

Other Tools

Various other online tools.

This online tool encodes and decodes a text in various formats.
Download Time Calculator
The Download Time Calculator calculates the time needed for downloading a file with a specified connection speed and file size.
Timestamp Converter
With this online tool you can convert a date and time, Unix timestamps (time_t) and Mach Absolute Time timestamps (Apple).
Numberal System Converter
The Numberal System Converter online tool converts numbers to an other numerical base.

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