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Filename Extensions (Letter V)

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VBitmap image (subsampled raw YUV file)
VReaGeniX Code Generator consistency check support file
VVivid 2.0 main input file for an image
VALParadox for Windows validity checks and referential integrity
VALdBASE Application Generator values list object file
VANVistaPro animation file
VAPNetWare 2.xx value added process
VARIcon Author variable file
VBGVisual Basic group project
VBLVisual Basic user control Licensing file
VBPVisual Basic project
VBRVisual Basic remote automation registration file
VBSVideo Bit Stream
VBWVisual Basic project workspace
VBXVisual Basic extension (custom control)
VBZVisual Basic Setup Wizard launch file
VCVivid 2.0 include file with color definitions
VCVisiCalc spreadsheet
VCAVisual Clip Art file
VCESound file for games
VCFOutlook Express VCard file
VCFVevi configuration file
VCPVGACOPY diskimage file
VCRArvid VCR driver
VCSNetscape Calendar data file
VCWMS Visual C++ visual workbench information
VCXVisiCalc advanced spreadsheet
VDATruevision Targa bitmap image
VDAGraphics (VDA-FS surface data)
VDIDigital Research GEM bitmap image file
VDOStory Board video image
VDOVDOLive Script video
VDRComputerEasy Draw drawing file
VDRVideoDirector movie file
VDUDetailer 3D file
VEHVector data (SPANS VEH/VEC format)
VEWLotus Approach view file (earlier versions 3.0)
VEWGroupWise for Windows file
VEWClipper 5 view file
VFAFontLab database file
VFFSun TAAC Image File Format bitmap image
VFFDESR VFF greyscale bitmap image
VFMVentura Publisher Font Metrics file
VFMVoter voting form
VFNVoter voting form for customers
VGAOS/2 bitmap image
VGAVGA display font
VGDGeneric CADD VGA display driver
VGRVentura Publisher graphics
VGRDraftsman Plus Vektorgrafik
VIJovian Logic VI video capture board bitmap image
VIWatcom Vi editor script file
VICVICAR - Video Image Communication and Retrieval graphic file
VICARVICAR - Video Image Communication and Retrieval graphic file
VIDVisual Image Directory file
VIDYUV12C M-Motion frame buffer bitmap file
VIDMS Word screen device driver file
VIDMS-DOS Shell Monitor file
VIF1bit CCITT Group 4 bitmap image (Verity Image Format)
VIFBitmap image (Khoros Visualization Image File Format)
VIFFBitmap image (Khoros Visualization Image File Format)
VIKViking graphics
VIRVirus or infected file
VISStudioPro 3D file
VISVista graphics file
VITBitmap image (VITec scanner raster format)
VIVVivoActive movies and audio file
VIVOVivoActive movies and audio file
VLBCorel Ventura library file
VLMNetware virtual loadable module
VMGeoworks virtual memory file (or localization file)
VMCDOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender virtual memory configuration
VMFVentura Publisher font characteristics
VMSText file containing VMS specific info
VOVivid 2.0 include file with object definition
VOBMPEG-2 movie
VOCCreative Lab's Soundblaster digitized sound file (PlayVoc)
VODVideo On Demand
VOFVZ Programmer object folder
VORStarWriter2.0 document template
VORTVery Ordinary Rendering Toolkit bitmap image
VOXDialogic sound file
VPVentura Publisher publication file
VP3D Studio video posting
VPFVector Product Format file
VPGVPGraphics graphic file
VPHVirtual Pascal help file
VPIVirtual Pascal unit file
VPRVisual Prolog resource file
VQESoundVQ plugin locater file
VQFMusic file (Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization)
VQLSoundVQ plugin locater file
VRMVirtual reality modeling language file
VRMQuattroPro overlay file
VRMWatcom Visual Rexx (VRexx) language source code file
VRMLVirtual reality modeling language file
VRPWATCOM VXRexx project file
VRSWordPerfect video resource
VRTVirtual world file
VSCMcAfee VirusScan configuration file
VSVivid 2.0 include file with surface definition
VSDViSio drawing file
VSHMcAfee VirusShield configuration file
VSDVisio Chart-Diagramm
VSMVisSim simulation model
VSPSPX sprite
VSSVisio smartshapes file
VSTTruevision Targa Vista bitmap image file
VSTVisio template
VSWVisio workspace data
VTDXVT-Draw vector graphic file
VUEMS Schedule+ configuration file
VUE3D Studio animation file
VUEdBASE IV view file
VUEFoxPro view file
VVDMinolta element file
VWVolkswriter text file
VWRPC Tools viewer file
VXDMS Windows virtual device driver, 32 bit

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