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Filename Extensions (Letter Q)

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QWin95 fax queue
Q0Japanese Q0 bitmap image (24bit)
Q3DQuickdraw 3D file
Q656502er Quelltext (6502 Emulator PdL)
QABNorton Desktop group file
QADPF QuickArt document
QAGNorton Desktop Quick Access Group
QAPApplication (Omnis Quartz)
QBDKeyboard layout file
QBESaved query (Query By Example) (dBASE IV - Quattro Pro)
QBOdBASE IV compiled query
QBWQuickBooks for Windows spreadsheet
QCPDigitally encoded voice (Qualcomm QCELP recoder and player)
QD0Omnis Quartz data file - segment 10
QD1Omnis Quartz data file - segment 1
QD2Omnis Quartz data file - segment 2
QD3Omnis Quartz data file - segment 3
QD3QuickDraw 3D metafile
QD3DQuickDraw 3D metafile
QD4Omnis Quartz data file - segment 4
QD5Omnis Quartz data file - segment 5
QD6Omnis Quartz data file - segment 6
QD7Omnis Quartz data file - segment 7
QD8Omnis Quartz data file - segment 8
QD9Omnis Quartz data file - segment 9
QDATQuicktime for Windows install log datafile
QDKBackup of startup files created by Optimize (QEMM)
QDVRandom Dot QDV bitmap image (8bit)
QEFQuery file (Q+E for MS Excel)
QFCCompressed file archive
QFXQuick Link II fax file
QFXFax file (QuickLink)
QICBackup set (MS Backup)
QIFQuickTime Image
QLBQuick LiBrary (BASIC PDS/Ms C/C++)
QLCATM Type 1 fonts script (Adobe Type Manager)
QLPQuickLink Printer driver
QM4Options or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)
QPRFoxPro generated query program
QPROS/2 print queue device driver
QPXFoxPro compiled executable QBE query file
QR?QuickRun plug-in menu
QRSWordPerfect for Win Equation Editor support file
QRTDKB & Qrt Ray-Tracer bitmap image, see .DIS
QRTQRT ray tracing Grafik
QRYLotus Approach query for SQL tables
QSNQuickScan data (TapCIS)
QSTAmi Pro QuickStart Tutorial image
QTApple QuickTime movie, see also .MOV
QTCQuickTime Conferencing
QTIQuickTime image
QTIFQuickTime image
QTKQuickTake digital camera bitmap image
QTLYUV SECAM or PAL image, see .YUV
QTMApple QuickTime Movie, see also .MOV
QTPQuickTime Preferencies
QTVMovie (QuickTime Virtual Reality)
QTVRQuickTime VR
QTXQuickTime Extension
QUEScheduler QUEue object
QWKQwk reader message file
QXDQuarkXPress document
QXLQuarkXPress element library
QXTQuarkXPress template

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