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DevProject Manager

DevProject Manager is a portable rich featured project management application for Freeware, Shareware and Open-Source developers.

DevProject Manager allows you to manage general project information, version information, a to-do list and the change-logs for each project. For each project user defined files can be added, such as screenshots, help files and other important files, that can be opened for DevProject Manager. Person information for translators, other programmers, graphic artists and other involved persons can be added. Additionally a customer and license management is included and can be extended with own plug-ins.

Code snippes can be stored in an own section, so you have you important source codes in hierachical form everytime with you. The source codes highlighting supports 13 different programming and scriting languages (Assembler, C#, C++, HTML, Java, JScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, VBScript and Visual Basic).

DevProject Manager is portable and was designed to run on USB devices. Additional no database server like MySQL or MS SQL is needed.


1.03 MB
None, portable
Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7

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Additional Downloads

Syntax Highlighters (RAR, 437 KB)
This download contains over 300 additional syntax highlighters for DevProject Manager.


  • German
  • English
  • Chinese v1.7.7
  • Chinese trad. v1.7.8
  • French v1.7.6
  • Dutch v1.8.1
  • Italian v1.6.2
  • Polish v1.7.2
  • Portuguese (brasil.) v1.7.8
  • Romanian v1.7.6
  • Russian v1.7.6
  • Spanish v1.9
  • Swedish v1.7.9
  • Czech v1.7.9
  • Turkish v1.5.1
  • Ukrainian v1.7.3


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


ChangeType Plugin 1.7.4 (RAR, 209 KB, Language: EN)
This plug-in enables you to modify the order of the changelog types of the to-do entries.

CodeSnippets Plugin 1.7.3 (RAR, 44 KB, Language: EN)
With this plug-in you can import the code snippets from versions before 1.7.3.

Execute Plugin 1.4 (RAR, 44 KB)
This plug-in allows the execution of user defined applications when the program is started or closed. Additionally applications can be executed manually from the plug-in menu.

MultiExport Plugin 1.8.1 (RAR, 221 KB, Languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, NL, PG, RU, UA)
With this plug-in you can export project data, to-do lists and source code snippets in freely configurable files. Export templates for HTML, XML and plain text are already included.

ProductVersion Plugin 1.6.8 (RAR, 200 KB, Languages: DE, EN, RU, UA)
This plug-in reads version information from executable files and put it in the version field of the current project. Project files of Delphi 7 and Visual Basic 5 and 6 are supported as well.

RSS NewsFeed Plugin 1.5.5 (RAR, 193 KB)
The RSS NewsFeed plug-in generates a RSS file (RSS version 0.91 or 2.0) based on the project and version information of the projects.

If you have already created an own plug-in for DevProject Manager you want to share with other users, please feel free to contact me per e-mail.

Plug-in SDK

Plug-in SDK 1.8.1 (RAR, 19 KB, Language: DE)
This plug-in SDK contains all information you need to create plug-ins for DecProject Manager. A sample plug-in in Object-Pascal (Delphi) is included in the download.


The changelog for this application is available in the German version of this page only.

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