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Historian reads various informations from raw browser files like the history, cookies, bookmarks and downloaded files. The most common webbrowsers are supported. The extracted data can be written to text files or into a Microsoft Excel CSV table.

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DevProject Manager 1.9
DevProject Manager is a portable rich featured project management application for freeware and shareware developers. No additional database server like MySQL or MS SQL is needed.
RegistryReport 1.5
RegistryReport shows information about the operating system, installed software, the last user activity, the user settings and many other details from raw Windows NT 5 Registry files "SYSTEM", "SOFTWARE", "SAM" and "NTUSER.DAT (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista).
UnInstall Cleaner 2.2
UnInstall Cleaner cleans up the Windows uninstall list. UnInstall Cleaner enables you to remove entries, not properly removed by the uninstall function of the relevant application. Additionally, applications can be deinstalled with UnInstall Cleaner too.
Whois Online Tool
This online tool displays the whois information from a given domain. Now with IDN support.
PHP FileList 2.0
This PHP script displays a listing with the content of a folder and its subfolders. Each file can be viewed or downloaded.
Picture Viewer 3.6
Picture Viewer is a small viewer for the most common graphic formats. The automatic resize and the full-screen mode displays the pictures evenly and comfortably. Pictures can be rotated and mirrored, deleted, copied and moved to an other folder.
Phalanx 1.3
Phalanx is a powerfull spam filer application for POP3 accounts. It can be used with any mail client. Phalanx supports APOP (MD5) and secure connections (SSL) for authenticaton on the mail server.
FileInfo 2.4
FileInfo collects file informations like size, attributes, MAC times and the owner of files and directories. For each file the CRC-32, MD5 and SAH1 hash values can be calculated as well.
XWF ReportStyler 1.1
XWF ReportStyler formats reports and export lists from X-Ways Forensics saved in HTML or XML files. XWF ReportStyler can add user defined stylesheets to HTML and XML files.
DrivePurge 1.2
DrivePurge ist a freeware application for system and drive cleanup.


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